President's Message

Good day SRAPPA!

Wow, what a year 2020 has been! If back at the end of our great 2019 conference hosted by NKU, you had told me even a small percentage of what has happened in our world, I would have scoffed at such nonsense (being the glass half full guy that I am). And yet here we are!

At the beginning of our ‘lockdowns’, many state chapter conferences were in process or had just ended. I believe it was good that our states were able to get their conferences in just under the wire, allowing them the opportunity to engage with their membership and having that be the last memory of a public gathering.

Just over a month ago, SRAPPA was able to successfully put on our annual conference with the help of a number of people, but largely resting on the skills of SRAPPA’s Conference Committee Chair Tom Jones and our partner Anna Kluttz with Tiger Grafiks, LLC. We learned a lot and will happily be sharing that information with our state chapters, as well as any other region who reaches out. Thank you to everyone who participated or helped put it on. Our numbers were strong for a first effort at a virtual conference with close to 400 registrants and nearly 2000 individual views of our educational offerings! We could not have asked for better virtual numbers. Remember, all the sessions, including the live presentations are now available on the conference website through the end of September 2021.

We have a great number of Professional Development opportunities available. These include a virtual Supervisors TookKit, APPA’s Virtual Leadership Academy on Campus, the Virtual Pathway to Professionalism, and CEFP credentialing! SRAPPA offers scholarships for these. Please visit the website or reach out to our VP of Education, Andy Maddox for more information.

Finally, I want to wish upon everyone a healthy and safe end to 2020, with hopes of ‘the good old days’ for the future! I miss shaking hands and giving hugs to folks and can’t wait for that to return!

Best wishes and kindest regards,
Mike Steger, SRAPPA President