Apply Now for SRAPPA Scholarships to attend APPA U!

It is time to register for SRAPPA APPA U Scholarships! Scholarships cover registration fees at APPA’s Institute for Facilities Management or Leadership Academy, and the member receives $1,000 for lodging / travel related expenses. 

Educational Scholarship awards are for the calendar year following submission and awards will be announced at the SRAPPA annual meeting. You can learn more about the various APPA professional development training programs by visiting APPA.

Educational Scholarship Program Policy 
Educational Scholarships will be awarded to individuals who are presently employed in the field of Facilities Management at a SRAPPA member institution.  Typically, there is only one successful applicant per institution per year and ideally scholarships will be awarded evenly across the region.  However, if there are scholarships available after the initial distribution, additional scholarships may be awarded to an institution.  Scholarships must be utilized within 12 months from the date which they are awarded or they may be forfeited.

Applications are received twice per year and must be completed, endorsed and received by the SRAPPA Vice President for Education during the application periods.  Applications received after the semi-annual deadlines will not be considered.  Once a completed application is received, the VP of Education will send a confirmation email to the applicant indicating the application has been received.

The SRAPPA President will send a notification to each winner and announce their names at the Business Meeting segment of the SRAPPA Annual Meeting.

Victor Panchuk
Director of Facilities

1424 West Paces Ferry Road, NW
Atlanta, GA 30327

Priti Bhatia
Director of Facilities & Capital Planning

Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts
Georgia Institute of Technology
Savant Building, First Floor
631 Cherry Street, NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0365

SRAPPA is pleased to offer scholarships to help cover the cost of professional development. We offer partial and full scholarships. We would encourage you and/or your institution to commit to a portion of the cost of training. If this commitment is a barrier to pursuing professional development, you can apply for a full scholarship. You will be asked to provide a statement about the need for a full scholarship. SRAPPA is committed to serving our region and promoting professional development and continuing education.

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